In Flux
2022, 16.5 x 23.4inch inkjet prints, 8.2 x 5.8 inch text
This body of work consists of five images and one paragraph of writing that conveys the notion of infinity. Infinity as a subject is subjective to be described due to the nature of its non-existence. By using the unlimited focus of the camera and the sea as the object of infinity, I sought to use my discipline of photography to use my medium to capture as close to the notion of infinity as possible. The photos were taken with a 4x5 large-format analogue field camera for two reasons: first, the 4x5 is known for capturing fine details of what it views, and second, I wanted to utilise it to capture the essence of infinity.
The anecdote, which is taken from a Buddhist scripture about the possibility of being born as a human, emphasises how unlikely it is to be born as a human, with the likelihood rounding to an infinite probability. The text’s application relates to Buddhism’s central idea—the idea of countless and limitless sufferings.
Even though the waves are in a blurry state, the images themselves are in their finest quality and maximum details towards the grain of the photographs. Hence, the essence of infinity is being highlighted, which rather than depicting through symbolic objects, the body of work explores more in relation to the notion itself and the medium of the work.