2022, 16.5 x 23.4 inch inkjet prints
I got the opportunity to work with the Indonesian Consulate General for New South Wales on November 25, 2021, to document the ceremony commemorating Indonesia’s National Heroes Day in Cowra. One part of Cowra leaves a former Prisoner of War Campsite, which was occupied by around 1200 Indonesian internees. Later, I went back to the location to take more photographs and to ponder more about the history and culture it carries.
In my work, I attempted to project the alternative side of the war by observing the landscape. I chose to take black-and-white photographs over colour to pay homage to the site’s heritage and history and to remove colour’s tendency for distraction. Additionally, the decision to use a large-format camera is a tribute to the camera’s history and ability to capture fine details.
The camera served as more than just a tool; it served as my aid in capturing the site that I wanted to convey. The idea is to travel back in time to remember where we came from. I consciously made myself connect the dots of my Indonesian identity and cultural values in hopes that I would not drift further and further apart from them.