I harbour dreams of a utopia far from civilization, an ethereal concoction from my wandering imagination. This envisioned sanctuary is akin to a ceaseless journey across the boundless ocean, a concept generated by my mind as a sanctuary, a refuge from the clamour and discomfort of reality.
This vision parallels the inception of life on our planet, an interpretation drawn from Buddhist scriptures. These ancient texts propose a time when the Sun and Moon did not exist, neither day nor night. There were no names or identities, no distinctions of gender. All beings were considered the same. The world was enveloped in an endless expanse of water, everything shrouded in complete darkness.
The sentiment evoked by this narrative is a blend of poignancy and an eerie sense of mystery. The soundtrack, created from ten multi-tracks, fuses the sounds of a modified piano and various synthesizers. The visual representation offers a gradual distortion of the radiant halo and the reflected image on the water, with dissolving transitions at the video's commencement and conclusion against the backdrop of impenetrable blackness, encapsulating the dawn of existence.
Moreover, my choice of the ocean as the primary subject stems from the influence of Hiroshi Sugimoto, renowned for his marine photography series, "Seascape". Sugimoto's work explores the shared perspectives between ancient and contemporary societies when observing the sea, which has helped to shape my idea that life originated from the ocean. This concept serves as the basis of my utopia, my vision of an ideal state of comfort and desire.